Dungeness Crab Dib

A Tom Douglas® Recipe

Created by Chef Benny Arocho, Etta’s

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1.5 lb cream cheese, softened

16 oz sour cream

16 oz Dungeness crab meat

1 oz Worcestershire sauce

½ oz rice wine vinegar

1 oz sambal

3 oz crab or lobster bisque (available at most grocery stores)

1 oz ‘Rub with Love’ Seafood Rub

2 oz dill, finely chopped

3 lemons, zested and juiced


Place cream cheese in a food processer and slowly add all remaining ingredients (except sour cream, lemon juice and crab) while the processer is running. Process until smooth, then fold in sour cream and crab. Add juice from the zested lemons to taste.

Rub with Love Products Used